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Top Systems is recognized for its banking solutions in Latin America, the Caribbean and Europe through management software (Core) for financial companies that provide solutions for banking, microcredit and compliance. It is part of the STEFANINI Group, one of the most important global suppliers of technology solutions for the world market. STEFANINI is a Brazilian multinational with presence in the Americas, Asia and Europe. Nine of the ten largest banks in Latin America and more than 90% of private banks in Brazil are served by the company.


Topaz Trace


Product Discovery

Software Development


UX/UI Design


Software Development


The Problem

Topaz, a member of the Stefanni Group, needed to perform a major technological upgrade to their Trace solution, which is Topaz’s flagship product.

The Trace platform focused on money laundering and fraud prevention. Since it was made in Silverlight, it had a technological expiration date that was approaching rapidly. It was difficult for Topaz to be able to keep up the pace and compete in an increasingly demanding and dynamic market.

The Situation

The old version of Trace was based on an obsolete technology and had limitations such as difficulty adding new features, high maintenance costs, feature gaps with competing products and low customer satisfaction.

Trace had to be replaced by a cutting edge technological solution that would allow not only long-term product viability, but also excellent usability and easy maintenance.

UX Design

UI Design


The Solution

INNOVANT reinvented the product using React! We added and modified functionality to improve the user experience, performance, and product maintainability.

 We put in place a multidisciplinary team to ensure the success of this major technology shift.

Our team of designers first worked with users to design a functional prototype and validate the new product design. After a couple of sprints, we gathered customer feedback and defined a high fidelity prototype that would guide the development of the product.

We then assembled a highly qualified agile team using the SCRUM methodology to transform the high fidelity prototype in an outstanding software product. The development was carried out through sprints, always focusing on outcomes with significant value at the end of each iteration, maintaining the pillars of feedback and transparency throughout the entire project.

The Results

The project had excellent levels of satisfaction with the client and the users of the system. We were able to transform and improve the way thousands of users work using the new Trace system, helping the users to detect any possible fraudulent activities faster, better and more simply.

Upon delivery of the product, we were extremely gratified to receive the compliments of our client:

“I would recommend INNOVANT because the focus of your entire company is delivering solutions from the user’s perspective, and ensuring that these solutions are always the best for the end user. This is not always the case in software development companies. Great job!! The incorporation of your work has allowed us to advance in terms of technology, adapting to what is required in the market. Towards the future we now have a tool which is easy to use for the end user, easy to maintain, and easy and fast to incorporate new functionalities as required. ” Federico Tejera, Product owner on Trace – Topaz.

Federico Tejera Graña

Product Owner, Trace – TOPAZ

Thanks to INNOVANT we now have an easy-to-use tool for the end user,  easy to maintain, and easy and fast to incorporate new functionalities as required.