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Elastic Workforce™

Let you grow and shrink your engineering workforce instantly, on demand, without any recruiting costs or long lead times.

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Elastic Workforce™

Let you grow and shrink your engineering workforce instantly, on demand, without any recruiting costs or long lead times.

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What our clients love about us

Ned Sahin

The effectiveness of the work is so high and also, because it’s particularly difficult to find good outsourced engineering firms, there’s way too many, how are you gonna know who’s good. Well, I’m certain that the experience that fellow entrepreneurs would have is great and its solutions oriented, it’s client oriented that has that amazing ELASTIC WORKFORCE capability.

So I think it will serve very well for anyone else who has this need.”

Ross Lerner

“I love the concept of the ELASTIC WORKFORCE that was really crucial to us as an early stage company where we didn’t know what was going to come tomorrow or next month and certainly not a year from now, so without INNOVANT we never have the ability to scale up team when we needed it and though we always had the option to scale that team down as well and this was really powerful for us.

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Adam Chronister

INNOVANT support is top notch they’re very efficient at solving any kind of problems that we have. They communicate well and that’s super important when it comes to technical support. 

I’ve been working with them for nearly six years and I have almost trust in their ability to deliver and that is number one for me. They are able to work with entrepreneurs to really help them scale their company versus just building software.

Sean Void

The overall quality of INNOVANT’s code has been excellent. There are a lot of things that could derail code quality and they’ve quickly learned our development style, our coding style, and our QA process, and on top of that, they’ve brought all their knowledge to make it better.

We settled INNOVANT for a number of reasons but the level of seniority and experience of their individual team members coupled with their overall business model allowing us to scale up and down quickly and easily and efficiently are all really great traits in a outsourcing company.”

Jose Ignacio Bemaor

“INNOVANT has a number of key aspects to the business. 

I think one of them is that the solutions are really quick. Once they understand your issues and in your business they really feel what you need and they move really fast. I Would strongly recommend the company. 

The way you can communicate with them is really easy, they are very efficient in what they do. I think honesty and reliability is a really important aspect in this business because developing software can be expensive. And these are the aspects that undoubtedly define INNOVANT.”

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This are our most frequent questions

How is “Elastic Workforce” different from typical outsourcing?

Adjust your specialized team when you need it, instantly and without incurring extra expenses or wasting time. Have full access to our experienced engineers, designers, PhDs, professors, software architects, marketing experts and data scientists whenever you need.

We do not hire freelancers for specific tasks. You can hire an engineer for a specific task or to deliver a specific outcome, avoiding having to assemble a large and heavy structure.

Can INNOVANT offer me a “fixed cost” for a specific project?

Sure, we work on "fixed cost" projects.

Our prime service is Elastic Workforce and Dev Team as a Service, but we also adapt and work on "fixed costs" projects.

We go through a specialized process of discovering and understanding your needs and objectives; together we will determine the prohect scope and build the ideal team that will craft your project.

To help you define the requirements, we carry out workshops and interviews. We then align the requirements with your objectives and expectations, giving you an estimated price and schedule for your project.

Can I contact some of INNOVANT’s customers for references?

We would love for you to contact them. We believe that our best marketing comes directly from our own clients.

On our website you will find references of specific case studies, but if you want more detailed information, do not hesitate to contact us.

Where will my INNOVANT team be located?

We have offices in both the United States and Uruguay. INNOVANT’s sales team is located in United States and our software engineer’s team is located in Uruguay

How does INNOVANT manage client projects?

The INNOVANT team uses SCRUM agile methodologies for project management.

Our projects count with a Scrum Master, a Project Manager and a Product Owner to guarantee SCRUM best practices are followed.

We work with sprints, milestones and deliverables, with focus on maximizing ROI.

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Eduardo Cunarro - Director and co-funder Innovant

Eduardo Cuñarro

CEO and partner of the INNOVANT holding, Best Top Developers in Uruguay (Clutch 2022) and recognized professor of Software Architecture and Design at the ORT University of Uruguay.

For more than 12 years Eduardo Cuñarro has been helping companies improve their businesses through software and technology consulting.

His purpose is to make INNOVANT the happiest place to develop and contribute with INNOVANT Believe to build a better Uruguay.

He started at the company in 2015 as CTO and minority partner and professionalized the software factory, implemented Clean Code and trained the team to execute software development in the most efficient way possible.

In 2020 he was appointed CEO, formed a specialized management team and managed to double the company both in terms of team and turnover.

His commitment, charisma, strategic thinking, determination and rigor make him a unique leader. Always complementing with humility, with gratitude, and with humor.

Working with Eduardo implies wanting to bring out the best version of yourself.

Ignacio Rohr - CEO and Co-funder Innovant

Ignacio Rohr

COO and founder of the INNOVANT holding company, Best top developers in Uruguay (Clutch 2022) and software engineer and senior consultant with more than 12 years of experience working with engineering teams.

His purpose is to make INNOVANT the happiest place to develop and contribute with INNOVANT Believe to build a better Uruguay.

He founded the company in 2011 with Encantex as his first project.

In 2020 he was appointed COO and doubling the billing and the team that same year managed to improve the company’s profitability by 21%, boosted the company’s performance and implemented an agile communication methodology between departments and customers.

His generosity, understanding and kindness make Ignacio a fundamental piece of INNOVANT’s leadership. He is that person who, above all, leads by example, responsible and hardworking, intuitive to the needs of others, always establishing excellent relationships with the team.

When you work with Ignacio you feel understood, cared for, and in a safe environment to develop in the best way.

Marta Soler - CMO and business developer

Marta Soler

CMO & Business Developer at INNOVANT, Best top developers in Uruguay (Clutch 2022) and with training in engineering, architecture and business. She was introduced to marketing when she started working at Red Bull Spain at the age of 19, she fell in love with it and today it is his great passion.

Its purpose is to make INNOVANT a powerful software development brand generating a large Spanish-speaking community. In addition, she also wants to help other professionals and companies to get clients, sales and relevance with Digital Marketing.

She started at INNOVANT in 2020 and soon became a key part of the company’s management.

She led the change of image, naming, branding and creation of the entire marketing department as well as the growth strategy through content marketing, social networks and paid media.

Marta is the joy of the team; she is creative, authentic, sensitive, expressive and intuitive, and that makes her a culture engine within the company. She infects the whole team with sympathy and energy.

Working with Marta implies looking for meaningful and free interpersonal relationships; she implies exploring creativity to the fullest; and implies that curiosity, sympathy, spontaneity and fun working with her are always guaranteed.